The Great Escape




Beginning at 3:00, sitting in the grass

Memorize how the daylight falls

Before it all goes dark too fast.

I disappear,

I escape.

I want to run, the sleep can wait.

Beetles and Insect skeletons lining

the lonely corners I’ve been hiding in

Too scared to start again, so stuck on pretending,

Discard the feeling because you can’t feel the right way

Numbing the meaning in the morning when you can’t stay                                              late

you ask me again.                                                                                                              and

Who are you?

Disintegrate, dissolve

All of my mistakes are made and I am stained in these shades of shame.

Memorize how the daylight fades

Another day wasted away

Eyes/lights blink – spin, sway

I don’t have anything to say

I disappear,

I escape.



rose and lemon soft and lovely/sour candy

First taste bliss but leave feeling empty

Lavender and Violet

matching my bruises,

capture                                                 the sky

camera                                                my mind

laundry detergent, washing machine

hidden in the closet, butterflies mistaken for

dead, falling Autumn leaves.





Sitting at the base of a skyscraper and all

I see

is varying lights:soft orange, electric blue,


yellow fluorescent stars

melodies repeating, memories twisted

And tangled into something tangible

A spider’s lace slowly invading every crevice;

headaches and rocks (Amphetamines)

keeping me restless

Promise me that you won’t forget this




Close your eyes

You’re flying through the air

Loose grip//Quick slip

Open your eyes

You’re falling through the air



And then the sun rises and November is over.

The train takes you downtown too soon and you spend some hours alone.

Watching leaves fall and dance around in the sky before they hit the ground

for the first time in their lives.

Quit the chemical impact, inject a new poison into this bloodstream

and keep quiet when you want to scream.

How could all of this possibly add up to mean anything?

When you go out into the streets and watch the lives they all decide to lead;

leave behind some piece of mind for those lost and waiting

for some rock-bottom, higher-power saving.

And when the time comes, who’s to say you wont be too weak to move

Forget what they told you,

December is a cold blue.


(Maria Villa/CoS Student)


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