There is no doubt in my mind that my song “Give” narrates a personal, internal struggle.

A period of my life was spent wishing I would leave Chicago. So many of my shadows and bouts I’ve been through have been in this city; I very much believed I was suffocating. But one beautiful, early morning at Lake Shore Drive, a sudden answer to a question had been given to me. I tested the waters with my toes. Blistering. Freezing. There was no way I was going to plunge my body into that lake. But I did anyway.

On my back, my face towards the skies, I closed my eyes and let my mind rid of the problems affecting me. I only thought of peaceful things. Then a sudden rush of gratefulness came into me. I realized that I wouldn’t be who I was without Chicago, and my music most certainly would not be the same either. I realized that then and there, it’s not that I wanted to leave Chicago, it’s just that I wanted to delve deeper into it. It is imperative that I come face to face with the fact that I just cannot run away from my fear of failure.

The medium I chose to express my “Chicago story” was through song. I am a musician. It has always been my way of escapism and expression. There are affordances and constraints to this particular medium. One affordance is that song can be spread far and wide quiet easily through platforms such as the internet (SoundCloud). The power of song reigns evident as an effective way to get an idea across. Constraints all depend on the individual, but I would consider a lack of concrete visuals provided to the listener as one. My lyrics are personal and all up for interpretation in the listener’s head. (Lizette Capili/Cos Student)



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