The Unconventional Happy Ending

A nuclear family is always the dream isn’t it, a mom, a dad, two kids it’s an idea that everyone in America wants. It’s an idea that poisons our love.


Reading a story like Midway I didn’t quite understand it. It seemed like the average coming of age story where the characters have to overcome a traumatizing event resulting in them becoming an adult. But this was different; it was like the story after the coming of age story. The aftermath of how their lives dramatically changed after their father left and their mother kicked them out. In most coming of age stories the main character has some revelation at the end where they start to get a hold of their life and everything starts to normalize again. But this didn’t happen in Midway, Luis and Junior still have unresolved feelings about their father which is evident in the story. Luis still has the superman wristwatch his father gave him even though it has no use and he supposedly hates it. But the reason he keeps it is because it’s a memory of his father, of what he had and what he wants. His brother Junior is even worse, he obviously has some major emotional issues after his family started to break apart. He longs for a stable family with both his mom and dad living happily together. That’s why he steals the suitcases of the “happy” families, he lives their lives for a moment, he has their clothes their pictures he is happy through them. Junior and Luis’s life started to get worse not better, it was like I was watching them head down slippery slope to their demise. I could see all the problems but none of them were being fixed, though there was the heartwarming hug at the end. I doubt it solved all of Luis and Junior’s problems. Junior will probably still steal suitcases and Luis will eventually lose his mind in that factory. I know it’s pessimistic but at the end of the story only felt more anxious and worried about how the characters lives would change from here. It’s not exactly the “happy ending” I was expecting, it was more of a sour dose of reality showing that everything doesn’t always happen in your favor. (Sierra Norris/COS Student)


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