On “A House of My Own”

As someone who also struggles with anxiety, I can heavily relate to this passage. I connect with the author as someone who wants to make it on their own but is scared of failing, disapproval and having to move back home. Not being brave enough to conquer fears and become the person I am meant to be.

A House of My Own by Sandra Cisneros instantly connected with me from the first page. The passage starts off as an introduction, which is clear in that Sandra is referring to herself, while introducing herself looking back on her past life and struggles. Almost as the person she wished she would have been back then. The first two pages refer to her decorating her “office.” She had this grand allure dream of her own little sanctuary. Decorating it how she pleased and living alone. A romantic gesture where her house was her own, her little hideaway where she can escape. But anxiety overwhelms her, her fears and her defeat of failure. She decorates it with pieces and items that make her feel at “home.” Her idea of a home is her daydream of living happily on her own and the person she hopes to become. But throughout the passage she realizes it’s not always easy. As I tend to do the same. I create an image of who I would like to be. Purchasing items I think I would like as well as listening to music I might find interesting, striving to become a more in depth, “poetic” person. But in reality, I get stuck in my ways and always revert back to the same.The person I would like to be is on the tip of my tongue, just in reach but I never can seem to grasp it thanks to anxiety and fear of being exposed.

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As the story transitions, Sandra finds the courage to become the person she has always dreamed of by the influence of peers and forcing herself to participate in activities she is afraid to do. Her story escalates to a more in depth emotional approach. Sandra finally gets the house of her dreams while finally showing her mom what she achieved, all that she accomplished, and overcame within herself. A compelling story of a girl who so badly wants to get out of her own life and transform into the independent writer. A story, I think, we all as students can vastly connect to. To get on with our dreams and become the people we aspire to be. (Megahn Brophy/CoS Student)


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