A House of My Own

In the piece, “A House of My Own”, Cisneros explains how she’s a writer. Throughout the piece, she goes to explain how she’s had to make numerous accommodations to do what she wanted to do. She could’ve settled for less, stayed home and worked from there. Instead, she decided to take the initiative to be uncomfortable. Cisneros knew that the only way to truly be a writer is to be uncomfortable. The idea is to go somewhere, settle down, make it your home, and do it all over again. It’s a way of living for many writers, and Cisneros did so.

It’s important to leave. It’s important to leave what you have behind, but it’s also important to keep a hold of it, too. Cisneros quotes, “It’s important to have this space to look and think. When she lived at home, the things she looked at scolded her and made her feel sad and depressed.” I first began writing in seventh grade. My first short story was an assignment for my Language Arts class, and it was about a girl turning sixteen having a really bad birthday. For her, everything goes downhill (such as getting a speeding ticket, being late to school, spraining her foot, ect.), and it all turns around when she returns home to find that her family threw her a surprise birthday party. From then, I began writing as much as I could, writing and posting my work online by the time I was in high school. After I moved on from my online posting, I began to write in my free time. As I became older, the harder it became to write. I suddenly couldn’t just sit down and write anymore. I’d sit at my computer and stare at a blank screen. Everything seemed to distract me from my writing: parents, friends, school, after school activities, my own home. I felt as if everything was screaming at me for my attention, and I had myself convinced that there simply wasn’t any time for writing.


When I met Veronica Roth (author the the Divergent series), she had me convinced otherwise. She gave me the drive to keep writing. When I began to write again, this time forcing myself to write, I then realized the problem wasn’t me, but more of the world around me. I knew that I had to leave to find my writing instinct that was so strong when I was in middle school, so I did just what Cisneros did: I left. (Jamie Doonan/CoS Student)


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