The Raw Truth

Man lives for art but does not know it.  It is my personal perspective that due to art’s many different genres, one can identify with at least one form.  Many people do not seek out to find art because they are afraid of it.

Art speaks for itself and causes many changes when it is viewed properly.  Every artist has an intention behind their work; being a dancer I find that my goal is to move people.  To make them feel things that make them uncomfortable. For many, it is easier to drink a beer then to go to a vulnerable place in their mind when they see someone’s work. Just like how Brooks stated the flower as being innocent and guilty at the same time stands to show that art is made to be interpreted in many different ways.  This is why art is  beautiful because two different people may see the same dance performance but relate to it on two different levels, while at the same time you find out the choreographer produced it while having  different intentions in their movements and music.  Neither interpretation is wrong; art just allows room for growth, and many times man is afraid of that.


Chicago is a city full of art, from the building, to the museums, and even galleries full of excepts, along with many theaters dedicated to art.  I interpret Brook’s poem as one about Chicago, but another could interpret it with a different idea as art is subject to different perspectives.  While I was sitting upon my bed in the middle of Chicago reading this piece, I could not help but think about the sculptures and artwork at the Art Institute of Chicago. When Brooks describes the lion, flower, and horse and rider all three of these piece she described very vaguely, but can be perceived in numerous ways.  This can cause many feelings to surface all from something as simple as a flower or something more detailed and complex like a movement art project, like the Black Lives Matter art display at Columbia’s 33 Congress Building.  That to me is why I love art and I why I believe so many people love art as well.

Art brings various amounts of people together and yet nothing has to be said or anythings can be said.  I feel as if Brooks asked the question about how man feels about art at the beginning of her poem because we are afraid of being vulnerable, seeing change, and seeing the raw meaning behind many problems in the world today. (Toree Benson/CoS Student)


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