Eyes For beauty

efb1After all the walking to the Navy Pier and the one failed attempt and trying to get in the day before, I was finally in attendance at one of the biggest exhibits and displays of contemporary and modern art in the world. I knew the severity before I saw the $50 ticket prize but this is something I was blessed to see for free. I don’t know what to expect as I enter via escalator but I realize that the perfect place surrounded me. I soon found myself surrounded by modern art from artist known and soon to be. I felt as a free spirit, I was automatically poetized and captured like my first time hearing J-Dilla beats. The various art and sculpture acted a jumpstart to my creative mind that as of late has been cluttered. I found myself in space where art was infinite and I was as creative as my adolescent days. Seeing Andy Warhol originals, Kehinde Wiley pieces, and two beautiful Kaws pieces took me into a different zone that made me question my art personally and gave me ideas on how to experiment with alternate mediums to ensure that I create the best work I ca.efb2 This experience housed a lesson that will not be forgotten. This was a blessing that I will not let go unnoticed, the chance to be moved by such world renowned high caliber pieces is something that is not experienced often. The conversations shared about each piece were discussed in such detail amongst me and my brother, (who I happened to be with on this adventure). We share the passion for art and believe the inspiration in can have in and individual’s life. This is more than our passion but rather our way of life, so to be surrounded by like-minded creators who share the same energy is unparalleled. I remember looking at each piece very carefully as to not let a detail slip past my eyes. During this time, I was fully awake physically, mentally, and artistically. I am highly thankful for my time to be surrounded by the spirit of art and creation. (Uriah Smith/COS Student)



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