Reasons I do not wish to forget St Louis Park: an Incomplete Random List

Image result for Minneapolis skyline

1. The freezing cold of the Ice Rink at midnight. Skating in circles illuminated by
Christmas tree lights. Crashing into the snow banks for fun. Feeling like your toes
will freeze off.
2. The corner lemonade stands in the middle of summer. The children’s smiling,
sweating faces as they hand you 25 cents worth of lemon and sugar that they
charge you two dollars for. It tastes watered down and strangely warm, and
obviously made with a powder, but you drink it anyway.
3. When football season starts and hopeless Vikings fans sit glued to their couches,
praying that we win this year. Down the street friendly neighbors become
enemies, because they are Packers fans.
4. The Homecoming football game, a display of how much money our school puts
into sports, and how much it’s not worth it. Sitting in the freezing cold metal
stands praying that we score once. Watching the cheerleaders who have no
reason to cheer. The band whose instruments are beginning to freeze and stick
to their lips. And the reason people come to the game, the kid with downs
syndrome who gets to wear the mascot suit. His smile and positive energy that
make you think we could win for once.
5. Going to the Rec center in the heat of summer. The cement that burns your feet.
The sand box full of children trying to dig their way out. The pool so crowded you
can’t swim. The slide you wait in line for 10 minutes to ride. The diving board and
drop slide no one ever uses, because it takes your swimsuit off if you’re not
careful. The concessions stand where you buy nachos and purposely spill them
just to see the birds come and eat the crumbs from under your feet.
6. The high school auditorium just before a show. The hopeful scared actors putting
makeup on, warming up, and crying, because it is the best place in the high
school. The crew who rush to fix last minute props, who sit in the back playing
games, and watch the actors, for they are fools. The waiting audience, who is
there to watch a show, not knowing whether it will be good or bad, for all St Louis
Park shows are a gamble. And the Director who hides, because she is scared.(Genevieve Bone, City of Stories Student)


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