What Makes Us Praise The Freaks



Sickness is an ever changing trend of society. People are sick because we tell them they are. We create a line that separates the average person from the abnormal person and tell people they have to stay on the normal side to survive. So if someone decides to cross the line we worry about their mindset. We start to give them pills and names for diseases and sick thoughts to make them seem normal, but with some extra perks. We want to have control over what they’re suppose to do, but there is no controlling the human mind, making some people unstable. All we can do is observe them, idolize them, learn from them, try to find the reason why they are the way they are. Why do we want to observe them? Why don’t we ignore them? Why do we have so much interest in people who seem insane? All these questions are conveyed in the short comic strip Ghost World. It displays human curiosity through it’s main characters and shows how people interact with the strange and unusual. For example, the main character Enid has an obsession with a supposed “satanic” couple in a diner. Though she perceives them to be satanists she’s curious about their strange nature and tries to find out more about them. Enid shows that people can’t resist being curious about people who are different from themselves. Even if those people seem to be outsiders of society. Her friend John Ellis has this same curious mind, but to the extreme. He loves to talk to people who are sins against society, child molesters, murderers, KKK members, the works. For him he’s only doing what the people want. He knows people are curious about what goes on in the minds of rapists and killers and takes advantage of that. Why do we love to watch these people? The insane, the KKK members, and suicide bombers. Even Edin’s female friend disses the weird comedian on TV but later says she wants to bang him. The reason why we love to watch these people is because they don’t have any humanity, they’re not as human as us. They’re like circus animals, freaks we watch in amazement and disgust as we throw circus peanuts at them. We fuel their insanity to see what might happen if we put them on a pedestal and watch them fall. We want them to be bad so we can be good, so they can entertain us, Ghost World gives us a taste of our own indecent human nature, exposing our love-hate relationship with the villainous people that roam our world today. (Sierra Norris/City of Stories Student)


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